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Perfect Notes. Every Time.

Created by Sandeep Ranade 'Naadrang', a Hindustani Classical Singer, Guru and Technologist, NaadSadhana helps you attain perfect notes. This unique app provides biofeedback to help you increase both vocal and aural resolution over time.

Engineered for Human Voice

The Human voice is very different in note stability, timber, resonance, etc. than instruments. NaadSadhana focuses on singing and ignores speech and other background sounds.

Gandhar Tuning for Hindustani Classical

Gandhar Tuning is an ancient system based on an accurately tuned Tanpura's 'Swayambhu Gandhar'. The ratios used in this tuning are different from Equi-Tempered ratios and NaadSadhana helps you achieve these with perfection.

Accurate Biofeedback

With beautiful visual guidance, NaadSadhana guides you gently to the perfect note. Even when the ear can't differentiate between subtle microtones, with biofeedback, the brain learns and over time, both vocal and aural perfection is achieved.

Progress Report

NaadSadhana calculates a score for your singing which is a measure of how quickly and how long you can sustain notes accurately after hitting them. The Statistics tab shows you your current score as well as how you’re doing over time.

3 Levels of Mastery

Based on the psycho-acoustic concept of 'Just Noticeable Difference', NaadSadhana offers three levels of difficulty when judging notes to be perfect. Over time, as you gain precision in sustaining notes in one level, you can challenge yourself by moving up to the next level.


A lot of factors can influence the rate of improvement - experience, old habits, concentration, practice time, quality and regularity, etc. For most people though, half an hour of practice a day, regularly will improve your note accuracy tangibly in a few weeks. You can use the statistics tab in the app to monitor how your score improves over time.

The human voice cannot be expected to hold a note perfectly at a given frequency the same way an instrument can. There are fluctuations in the note. You can train your brain and voice to get more accurate by reducing the amount and frequency of these fluctuations. The higher the level, more accurate the note is expected to be. In fact, at the Expert level, the fluctuations are no longer noticeable to the human ear.

Unfortunately, an Android version is not on the roadmap as of now. Apple's sound stack is remarkably well designed and low latency and allows all the heavy computation  and complex algorithms like signal processing, fundamental frequency detection, note analysis etc. with relative ease. We hope Android brings feature parity in its sound stack soon.

Please email us at naadsadhana at sandeepranade dot com.