Hear the 22-shruti, raga-aware, concert-worthy, always-tuned, smart swarmandal in action! 


Real-time visual biofeedback guides you swiftly to the perfect note and helps you reach higher aural and vocal resolution. Over time, as you gain precision in sustaining notes at one level, you can challenge yourself by moving up to the next level.


Carry in your pocket a 22-shruti, always-tuned, raga-aware, concert-worthy, smart swarmandal that understands over 100 ragas and accompanies you with artistic, beautiful and creative variations to help create an enjoyable ambience.


With the perfectly-tuned smart swarmandal creating a 22-shruti tuned raga soundscape as you sing, your notes will automatically hit the right points without conscious thought or effort.


The App provides visual guidance 10 times a second. It discourages singing non-raga notes. As a teacher, you can focus on higher aspects of music like ragadari, creativity, bandish, and presentation, rather than on note accuracy.

As you sing or play, NaadSadhana calculates a score - a measure of how quickly and how long you can sustain notes accurately after hitting them, and shows how the score evolves over time. This is a great motivational and accountability tool that also encourages regular practice.


Padma Shree Pandit Ulhas Kashalhar

Internationally renowned Hindustani Classical Vocalist and Guru.

"Recently Sandeep Ranade demonstrated his app called NaadSadhana. It is a wonderful app with many unique features, which up until now, were never seen in a mobile application.

The Smart Swarmandal in the app accompanies and complements the singer. The user simply selects the Raag, turns on the Swarmandal and then the NaadSadhana app automatically and intelligently plays different phrases every single time. When the musician halts on a ‘nyaas’ note or pauses after completing their phrase, the app plays exactly the way an expert would play a swarmandal in a live concert or riyaaz session. 

Another very useful feature of this app is that the user can visually check the accuracy of their Sur (notes) while singing. The app checks every note with high precision. This feature can be very useful for students of music to ensure perfect ‘Sur’.

The App also features 22 Shruti Tuning (and Gandhar Tuning) which ensures that the correct “shrutis” are used in every Raag. 

I wish Sandeep all the very best."

Suyog Kundalkar

Harmonium Artist, Tuning Expert, Singer & Composer, Pune.

"This App is an absolute must for self-practice of Swar in an age where one can’t possibly spend 24 hours with a Guru. A very natural, easy to use, apt, and technologically advanced App for students and experts alike!"

"माझा मित्र आणि मेवाती घराण्याचा गायक संदीप रानडे याने 'नादसाधना' नावाचे App तयार केले आहे. आजच्या काळातील संगीत शिक्षण व्यवस्थेस सहायक म्हणून या App चा संगीत शिकणाऱ्या विद्यार्थांना, प्रगत अवस्थेतील गायकांना तसंच कलाकारांनाही नक्कीच उपयोग होईल. आजच्या काळात २४ तास गुरुंचं सान्निध्य मिळणं ही गोष्ट अवघड आहे. त्यामुळे घरी स्वराभ्यास करताना ह्या App च्या मदतीने विद्यार्थांना स्वतःला तपासून पाहता येईल.

संदीप स्वतः Software Engineer असल्यामुळे त्याने तांत्रिकदृष्ट्या हे App अतिशय सहज-सोपं आणि चोख बनवलं आहे ज्यात प्राथमिक अवस्थेपासून उच्चतम श्रेणीतील विद्यार्थी-गायकांना ह्याचा वापर करता येईल. मी ह्या निर्मितीबद्दल संदीपचं अभिनंदन करतो आणि मनापासून शुभेच्छा देतो."

Milind Vasudeo Kulkarni

Harmonium Artist, Tuning Expert & Composer, Pune.

"The NaadSadhana App is a must-have for students, performers and harmonium players as a gold-standard reference for precise notes. A great addition to the tradition of Hindustani Classical Music by Sandeep Ranade!"

"माझा मित्र, संदीप रानडे, यानी नुकतेच नादसाधना हे App तयार केले आहे ज्याच्या द्वारे तुम्ही स्वतःच्या सुरांचा नेमका अभ्यास करू शकता. घरात बसून तुम्हाला रियाज करताना नेमके सूर कसे लावायचे, कसे लागतायेत, किती चढतात, किती उतरतात या सर्वांची माहिती Appमधून मिळते ही खूप मोठी गोष्ट आहे. त्याचबरोबर हार्मोनियम वादकांसाठी पण हे App खूप उपयोगी आहे. हार्मोनियम ट्युनिंग करताना एक Reference म्हणून हे App नक्कीच मार्गदर्शक ठरेल.

शास्त्रीय संगीताच्या परंपरेमध्ये खूप मोठी, चांगली  व गरजेची उपलब्धी संदीप नी केली आहे ह्याबद्दल मी संदीप चे खूप अभिनंदन करतो. सर्व संगीताच्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी व कलाकारांनी ह्या App चा लाभ जरूर घ्यावा आणि App द्वारे सुरांची ओळख करून घ्यावी म्हणजे भविष्यामध्ये सुरांचा काहीही प्रॉब्लेम येणार नाही."


Aarshin Karande

Marketing & Design @ PeopleFirm, Seattle.

"This app is one of the great things that digitization has brought to Indian Classical music. All students and teachers of this art will benefit from this app. It features a biofeedback experience that reinforces swar accuracy and fluency with unbelievable (dare I say "perfect") precision based on the "swayambhu gandhar." 

Generations before us would have benefited from this app. Generations onwards will benefit from it. An incredible reference tool for riyaaz, tuning, and acoustics. The smart swaramandal feature generously supports foresight and introspection into creative and technical expression during riyaaz.

NaadSadhana is simple, smart, and surreal - Art, philosophy, science, and technology at its best."

Rohit Achyarya

Senior Manager @ P&G, Mumbai.

"This is a groundbreaking app for Singers that brings one closer to Melodic Perfection.

The swarmandal feature on Nadhasadhana comes as a terrific, life-like add-on for performers and learners alike. I experienced a real concert-like ambience with the swarmandal complementing the vocalist like a dream. The phrases created by the app enhances the performance significantly. It is a huge leap of technology - the swarmandal sound is crisp and natural and the accompaniment artistic, creative and varied. 

NaadSadhana is a complete package for every classical musician - students, performers, and gurus."

Chitra Desai

Homemaker, Student of Music, Pune.

“Naadsadhana is a simple but smart app essential for students of music. The tuner gently guides you to perfection and the smart swarmandal accompanies perfectly, subtly and creatively with perfect sound and notes.

The Perfect Guru, that’s always with you!”

Shreedhar Ganapathy

Engineering Director @ Financial Engines Inc, Sunnyvale.

"NaadSadhana brings back the gurukul style learning by being a virtual guru for beginners and experts focusing on helping build on your riyaaz. Both the note detection feature and the Smart Swarmandal leverage complex algorithms blending with machine learning to help you perfect your sur. The swarmandal accompanies you with notes that meld with your singing dynamically. All with an amazingly simple interface"

Jay Gokhale

Software Engineer @ Index, San Francisco.

“To me, learning to sing is a simultaneous refinement of both the ear and the voice. Unfortunately, you're only as good as your ears allow you to be. This app is kind of like having the ears of seasoned pro. 

The beautiful swarmandal acts as a higher level feedback loop. It creates a raga-sized playground of success for you to play in!

I wholeheartedly recommend this app to anyone (at any level of proficiency) wishing to improve their singing.“

Ujjwal Parikh

Software Engineer @ Cisco, Boston.

“I have been using the NaadSadhana app for over a couple of months now and it has helped me improve the precision of my notes tremendously.

I really like the Smart Swarmandal which is nearly indistinguishable from an acoustic swarmandal. It adapts to the notes being sung/played and gives you
that extra support to make sure that the swar is perfect.

The app by itself was a great tool to perfect the notes, but the intelligent, creative, adaptive swarmandal
makes it an indispensable tool for beginner and advanced singers alike.”

Uma Phadke-Datar

Graduate Student, Taxation, California.

"The app is an eye-opening reality check. You clearly see your strengths, weaknesses and rate of growth at a glance. It aims at helping you achieve great precision of notes while singing. Indeed, a delight for singers!"

Jay Banerjee

Senior Program Manager, Premier Inc, North Carolina.

"Within a couple of weeks of practicing with the NaadSadhana App, I saw great improvements in my pitch, breath control, tonal quality, resonance and overall sound production. I highly recommend this app to help you evolve endlessly!"


NaadSadhana for iOS is the brainchild of Sandeep Ranade 'Naadrang', a Hindustani Classical Singer, Software Engineer, and Educator. (

Version 1 - The Precision Tuner Engineered for the Human Voice
In the Gurukul system, students of music would be taught for long hours by the Guru every day. This allowed learning precise positions of notes through continuous feedback. These days, students learn a few hours a week and then practice many hours a week on their own, without guidance, making it difficult to attain note precision; they thus get into bad singing habits that are hard to fix later.
The first version of the NaadSadhana iOS app solved this problem by providing biofeedback to gently guide the student towards the perfect note, increase both vocal and aural resolution and build muscle memory for singing perfect notes.

Version 2 - The Smart Swarmandal
Being a software engineer as well as a Hindustani Classical Singer, Sandeep is deeply interested in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence as well as the science and art of Music. He's been fascinated by the swarmandal, a traditional string instrument, that can create a magical ambience. The swarmandal also has the ability to spontaneously 'entrain' or synchronize one’s notes without conscious effort. Unfortunately, tuning the 35+ strings of the swarmandal for a given Raga is both difficult and time consuming.
Version 2 of NaadSadhana contains a smart virtual swarmandal which is always perfectly tuned, creative, concert-worthy and understands over 100 Ragas. At the touch of a button, it will accompany you perfectly, artistically, and intelligently as you sing or play.

Naadyoga (Yoga of Sound) is a highly optimized system of learning and practice created by Sandeep Ranade ‘Naadrang’. Its seven levels systematically exercise all vocal capabilities needed to produce nuanced and powerful emotion effortlessly in any genre of music. Naadyoga compresses 10+ hours of practice time in 1 hour.

Please visit for more information.

These are the areas of research that have been instrumental in creating NaadSadhana:

1. Vocal Frequency Analysis
2. Isolating melody by removing speech and noise
3. Creating tiers of error thresholds based on psychoacoustic computation of Just Noticeable Difference between two frequencies and Computing accuracy score.
4. Precise Tuning Ratios for Gandhar and 22-Shruti systems.
5. Synthesis of realistic Swarmandal sound.
6. Encoding 100+ Ragas and their nuances
7. Creativity Engine for generating correct, beautiful and varied phrases for Ragas.
8. When, what and how to play the Swarmandal - Artificial Intelligence algorithms decide on the phrase, the timing and the manner in which to play it based on singing style, Raga, volume, speed, direction, nyaas, etc.
9. Algorithm for maximizing consonance in Raga Shrutis for over 100 Ragas.

22 Shruti Tuning is a ancient, sophisticated, microtonal system of tuning. In every octave, there are 7 Swars. Of these, 2 are ‘Achal’ or ‘Immovable’ - Shadja (Sa) and Pancham (Pa). The remaining 5 notes (Re, Ga, Ma, Dha and Ni), called ‘Chala’ or ‘Movable’ Notes, have two variants each - a low and a high. This is how we get the 12 notes (5*2 + 2) in an octave. But, in a 22 Shruti system, each of 10 ‘Chala’ notes are further subdivided into 2 Shrutis - a low and high variant, giving a total of 22 (2*10 + 2) Shrutis. Thus for each of the 5 Notes (Re, Ga, Ma, Dha and Ni), we have 4 variants called ati-komal, komal, shuddha and teevra.. For each of the 10 ‘Chala’ notes, there is a region of pitch movement that is allowed in Hindustani Classical Raga Music that is demarcated by its corresponding two Shrutis. There are no such regions for Sa and Pa, which are fixed points in the octave. Although the difference between consecutive Shrutis is very small, when appropriate shrutis are used, it can subtly enhance consonance in a Raga's soundscape.

Gandhar Tuning is a tuning system based on the concept of the ‘Swayambhu’ (Self Manifested) Gandhar that can be heard in a perfectly tuned Tanpura. It is a system of 12 notes where there is a self-consistent relationship between notes. These 12 notes are a subset of the 22 Shrutis. In Gandhar Tuning, all the Shuddha Notes are tuned precisely using the Shadja :: Swayambhu-Gandhar :: Pancham ratios. Sa :: Ga :: Pa, Ma :: Dha :: Sa and Pa :: Ni :: Re are all the same ratios. Once the ratios of Shuddha notes are fixed using the above relationships, one can extend them to find the ratios of the remaining Komal and Teevra notes.

Equal Temperament is an invention of Western Music that enables playing chords in many scales. Since a Gandhar / 22-Shruti Keyboard cannot be used for any other pitch than it was originally tuned for, these can’t be used for chromatic melodies that span multiple pitches. Equal Tempered Notes split the octave in 12 ‘Equal’ parts. Now, the frequencies in an octave follow a power of two relationship, i.e. a note in the higher octave is 2 times the frequency of the same note in a lower octave. This means that the 12 parts are not at equal frequency intervals. Rather, ratios of subsequent notes are a ‘12th root of 2’ factor apart. Except for Sa, all others are irrational numbers, therefore dissonant with the Sa. In fact, only ratios that are simple rational fractions are harmonic with the Sa. Sa-Ga-Pa, Ma-Dha-Sa and Pa-Ni-Re chords (major chord) on an Equi Tempered keyboard are somewhat dissonant, while on a Gandhar Tuned / 22-Shruti keyboard, they are perfectly consonant. Equi-Tempered Tuning should be only used for multi-pitch melodies; it is unsuitable for Hindustani Classical Music.

Shruti selection for Ragas is very scientific and precise. Each Swar has a relationship with every other Swar. A swar is said to have consonance with another swar if a harmony is created when both are played simultaneously, due to the relationship between their frequencies. If there is a lack of harmony, then the two swars are said to be dissonant.

When all Swars in a raga are considered, there exists a unique selection of Shrutis for those Swars that maximises the overall consonance between each note in the Raga.

22-Shruti selection offers a bit more consonance than Gandhar Tuning, although Gandhar Tuning is by no means dissonant. The difference is small but noticeable to the keen ear.

Unfortunately, an Android version is not on the roadmap as of now. Apple's digital signal processing unit is remarkably well designed, has very low latency and makes all the heavy computation and complex algorithms like signal processing, fundamental frequency detection, or note analysis possible. We hope Android brings feature parity in its sound stack soon.

© Copyright 2018 Sandeep D. Ranade.