🖖  I'm Sandeep Ranade.

I blend music, technology and design to entertain, educate and elevate.

My Story

I am a geek.

I am a geek.

I'm a software engineer with a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University and nearly two decades of experience working at companies in the United States like Google, Microsoft, VmWare, Citrix, etc. 

I've worked on storage, file, distributed and operating systems, compression and deduplication, networking and cloud technologies, big data pipelines, artificial intelligence and machine learning, mobile development, digital signal processing, sound design, UI, UX, graphics and logo design.

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I love to sing.

I love to sing.

I'm a  singer or gayak and have been singing since I was four years old. I've learnt from late Dr. Mrs. Shobha Abhyankar and late Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj. 

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I enjoy helping people learn.

I enjoy helping people learn.

I discovered my love for helping others learn when I was an undergraduate student. I solved some difficulties for a few classmates, and word spread. Soon, I was teaching a 4-hour weekend class to a full classroom. I taught several dozen topics for 7 of the 8 semesters, and in the process taught myself to teach.

I have also been teaching music to students all over the world, from 2004. I've made a number of videos to teach Ragas and Songs, and there is also an online course on how to do a full vocal workout.

Continuous improvement, systematic practice, and accelerated learning are very close to my heart. Every day, I strive to improve poise, creativity, decision making, odds of success, efficiency, and more by creating short, but powerful practice workouts for these habits.  In 2015, I moved back home, to India, and founded Endless Evolution to help others learn these techniques.

NaadSadhana for iOS

I've made an intelligent app for musicians.

Imagine an app that can play music like an expert, respond to your music intelligently, creatively and aesthetically, record and mix multiple tracks, and even guide your notes and tempo.

NaadSadhana helps musicians make magic by making effective use of artificial intelligence, neuroscience, learning theory,  digital signal processing and novel research. 

In fact, NaadSadhana passes the 'Musical Turing Test'. In my song 'Na Corona Karo', NaadSadhana accompanied me on 10 instruments, in real-time.  The song went viral and was appreciated by musical geniuses like Late Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj, A. R. Rahman, Late S. P. Balasubramaniam, and many celebrities, musicians, actors and media people. What was truly astonishing was that many of them assumed I was accompanied by live expert musicians in real-time!

In June 2021, NaadSadhana won the highest award for innovation and design- Apple's Design Award.

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NaadYoga online course

I've created a 15-minute vocal workout.

Naadyoga (Yoga of Sound) is a vocal workout I've created for people to effectively practice music in a very compressed time frame.

NaadYoga draws from my 20+ years of experience, and squeezes eight hours of systematic practice (riyaaz) down to fifteen minutes. It works out every vocal ability and thus allows one to sing with accuracy, finesse, nuance and expression.

I have refined NaadYoga training on myself and my students for many years, and now, I have made it accessible through an online course to help everyone learn and benefit from it.

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Na Corona Karo song being shared by A. R. Rahman

I've written and composed many songs.

As a composer, I transform events from my life into songs under the pen name 'Naadrang'.

A few of my recent songs:
• Na Corona Karo (on the global pandemic)
• Anand Barasao (Goodbye to 2020)
• The Working From Home Song

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TiECon Talk (YouTube)

I love telling musical stories.

I am often asked to speak about my journey, the confluence of music and technology, my compositions and the stories behind them, creativity, multidisciplinary problem solving, etc. To have me speak+sing at your conference or event, contact me.

Selected Public Talks
• "Can Tech Make Art Dance" - Panelist at Confluence Ideathon (March 2021)
• "Transcendence" - Keynote, TiEcon, (Jan 2021)
• "On Music & Technology" - Panelist, India International Science Festival (Dec 2020)

Selected Private Talks
• "Passing the Turing Test" - Symbiosis Institute of Technology (April 2021)
• "Live with Leaders" - Inteliment  Technologies (Feb 2021)
• "On Multi-dimensional Thinking" - Kalaari Capital, Private Talk (Feb 2021)
• "Laziness, Learning, Luck" - Ramaiah Institute of Technology & IEEE Bengaluru (Nov 2020)
• "On Endless Evolution" - IFM Private Limited, Pune

And, I have some news to share.

• Apple Design Award for Innovation (2021) for my app NaadSadhana (June 11, 2021)

Anand Mahendra shares 'Anand Baraso' song on Twitter (Dec 31, 2020)

• NCPEDP-Mphasis Universal Design Award (July 2020)

A.R. Rahman shares 'Na Corona Karo' song on Instagram (March 2020)

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I can be reached via email (sandeep dot ranade at gmail dot com), or one of the social platforms below. 
I look forward to hearing from you! 

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